live-in care services

Help Your Loved One Do More With Live-In Care

Accepting help doesn't need to mean letting go of freedom

What do you do when an elderly family member can't live on their own? If a nursing home isn't a viable option, consider live-in care services from Myracle Hands Home Care, LLC. Having a live-in companion lets your loved one retain a sense of independence, continue living at home and keep their pets.

A live-in companion can provide 24/7 care-your loved one will never need to wait for assistance or feel lonely. Call 912-712-5099 to set up live-in care services for your aging friend or family member.

When you can't be there, count on us

Your loved one's live-in care provider offers more than companionship. We'll help manage your loved one's...
  • Nutrition: An in-home caregiver can prepare meals that fit your loved one's nutritional needs.
  • Meal times: We'll help your family member stay on a schedule or prepare food according to their appetite.
  • Activities: A live-in caregiver can adjust daily activities, depending on your loved one's health and mobility on any given day.

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